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Nomadic Son is approaching its first birthday! And we are celebrating with a new look online shopping website and a new blog.

We would like to thank all our valued friends and customers for supporting us in the past year and we look forward to many, many more years of showcasing the arts, crafts and experiences of the Anatolian people with you all.

Anatolia (or the Asia Minor part of Turkey) has for centuries been the providence of various nomadic families.  Literally living off the land, all their needs were met by their herds including food, clothes, tents, and the ability to turn their weavings into money if they so wished.  The same went for my husband’s family.   Tourism started to boom in Pamukkale in the early 70’s and saw their family settle.  In the very heart of Pamukkale village, my father-in-law built one of the first hotels there, called ‘Artemis Yörük’.  Yörük means ‘nomad’ in Turkish and hence ‘Nomadic Son’ seemed a perfect fit.

The Pamukkale calcium Travertines at sunset.

The Pamukkale calcium Travertines at sunset.

My husband’s family have a great history with handmade kilims and carpets.  From the women weaving them (a common thread in most Anatolian women’s lives) and my father-in-law selling them for over 40 years in Turkey, Germany and Norway.  It is through these experiences and connections that we are able to reach such high quality, beautiful and unique pieces of functional art.

The aim for me starting this blog was to chronicle the things that I have learnt (and still learning) about handmade rugs; particularly kilims, the history and symbology of the arts that come from Anatolia as well as their place in life today and I guess to share the random, beautifully unique things that I love about Turkey.

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