Kilim of the month

Sometimes a Kilim comes along that is so easy to fall in love with, its designs, or colours, the craftsmanship, and it makes our job all the more enjoyable.  This month’s kilim is no exception.  It is a stunning Çorum kilim using only hand spun wool and natural dyes.  Made even more desirable giving the fact that weaving in this region has all but stopped due to the population having steadily decreased as people move from the rural area to larger cities. 

Çorum is located inland in the central Black Sea Region of Turkey.  While significant northern portions of the Çankiri and Çorum provinces are delineated as belonging to the Black Sea geographical region, their major parts as well as their cultural affinity and historical connections dictate that they be placed in the Central Anatolian region.

This kilim was woven using the slit weave technique and the skill of the weaving is an absolute stand out.  The main filed features a multi-armed ‘elinbelinde’ motif (hands on hips) which is thought to be the oldest Anatolian motif, symbolising female strength, fertility and motherhood.  At the head of the motif is a tuft of wool or ‘bonçuk’ in Turkish; a nice playful addition to the weave.  In this same field we find a few filler motifs of  ‘earrings’ and the ‘comb’ motif, both thought to symbolise a desire to be married.

Continuing outwards we have a wonderful mustard yellow border, followed by another much wider border/frame completed predominantly in rust colour then changing to a light purple.  In some kilims the sudden changes in colour choice can be a result of the original colours dyes being unavailable to the weaver.  Finally a beautifully executed ‘reciprocal’ border is woven in brown and off white, topped off with the most gorgeous hand braided ends.

This gorgeous kilim is thought to be 80-100 years old and has aged beautifully.  She would look stunning used as a unique wall hanging or of course in the usual position as a floor covering.  I have a feeling that you could put this kilim anywhere and its beauty would shine through.

Çorum kilim (#045) Hand spun wool on wool slit weave 162*165cm Available here



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