Real Living December

Was super happy to have picked up this month’s Real Living Magazine.  I must admit that it got me that little bit more excited about Christmas!!!  And….it was packed with beautiful hand-woven Anatolian kilims, what more could I ask for?!

I loved the style of this house (See below), nice neutral palette where you can easily change the rooms style whenever you want.  Love the antique Caucasian kilim (middle pic), check out a larger one here.


And of course we have our always stunning Tavas kilims from near the heart of Anatolia, otherwise known as ‘Zig-Zag’ kilims.  Our father-in-law who has being dealing in kilims for over forty years (and sources our pieces for us) is always on the prowl for any old Tavas kilims that are in great condition.  See some ‘Tavas Kilims’.  The ‘zig-zag’ design is actually ‘nazar’ (evil eye) motif repeating and expanding and was woven as a form of proctection.

For someone who is completely biased towards kilims, like me, this was a fantastic issue!!

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