Turkish Ceramic – new shipment, new designs and an early Christmas

We just received our new shipment of ceramics and I swear it was like an early Christmas! Different colours, different designs; the Turks have a knack for expressing individuality and creativity whilst still holding true to their vast cultural traditions.  Anatolian Turkey has one of the oldest traditions of the manufacture of fired earthenware in the world, stretching back almost ten thousand years towards the end of the last ice age.

Yet when we were unpacking the new stock, there was a slight modern twist to some pieces that really stood out from the more traditional designs.  We regularly have customers from various different backgrounds who can easily pick out a particular design or colour scheme that reminds them of their childhood or home.   So I am very excited to see the reaction from our customers on the new designs!

Some alternative colour schemes arrive.....traditional 'Halic' design (symbolising 'oneness' or 'connectiveness') in simple black & white, love it!

more free-flowing designs......

Traditional 'Halic' design (symbolising 'connectiveness/oneness') in simple, modern black & white

....but then again, the old classics aren't too shabby either....

Traditional Turkish ceramics, or ‘çini’ as they are known in Turkish, are world-renowned for their quality, designs and colours.  There are some 20,000 handmade and hand painted tiles adorning the Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmed Mosque) in Istanbul and countless other sites across Turkey and all have retained the vibrant colours as if painted yesterday, not in the 15th or 16th Century.

There are more than 20,000 individual handmade and hand painted Iznik tiles adorning Sultan Ahmed's Mosque.

So on that note, I best keep unpacking and discovering but not before leaving with you some more shots of brilliant tile work that can be seen in Turkey.

Iznik tiles from Topkapi Palace - Istanbul

Early 15th Century Tile with arabesque scroll work - Bursa, Turkey

15th Century Iznik tile sold at Christie's Auction House for $16,000 AU

Tile work decorating archways in Rustem Pasha Mosque - Istanbul

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