One of the things that my husband and I miss from Turkey is the food.  Always fresh, cheap, melt-in-your-mouth authentic tasting food!  I will never forget my first peach in Turkey, simply divine!

I am, however, extremely lucky that my husband has turned out to be the most amazing cook, dishing out delicious traditional meze and meals with the utmost ease.  Since food (its growing, the preparation and the joy of eating it) are such a big part of the Anatolian culture I thought I’d include some of them here.

Slow roasting vegetables on the charcoal.

Any dish with eggplants are sure to be a winner with me, especially if the eggplants have been roasted over charcoal, the natural smoked flavour just infuses the whole eggplant.  You will find the blackened skin just peels off beautifully, leaving a plump juicy eggplant to devour!

Eggplants with yogurt (Yogurtlu Patlican)

TIP: Prick the eggplants with a fork first.  You can cook them in the oven as well as on the gas stove top but cooking on embers/charcoal is both quicker and tastier.

Yogurtlu Patliçan (Eggplants with yogurt)

  1. Peel the roasted eggplants; chop into rough pieces, no elegance needed! We used about 3 large eggplants.
  2.  Put in a bowl, juices and all;

add 2-3 cloves of chopped or crushed garlic.

Add about 1 -1 & 1/2cup of natural greek style yogurt

Add salt and pepper to season and give it a real good mix.

3. Add some good extra virgin olive oil on top followed by some red pepper and some chilli flakes if you like it a bit spicier.  Also you can add dried mint flakes.  It’s all really up to you what seasoning you add.

'Adana' kebabs cooking


Goes great with some barbequed meat, an alternative to salad or even better the next day on some freshly toasted bread.

Afiyet olsun! Enjoy your meal!



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