Vogue Living (Jan/Feb’12) & Layering Kilims

So another month and all new magazines for my kilim searching eyes to savour.  What can I say? I know I am biased!  I picked out the Vogue Living issue for 2 reasons.

Denizli cicim 'sandik' kilim

  1. The kilims featured on page 140-143 are brilliant and reminded me of an old kilim that used to sit in the foyer of the hotel back in Pamukkale.  There’s always something about the ‘sandik’ (chest) design motifs that draw me in and usually the colours are always softer, gorgeous yellows, orange, second red, like a brilliant sun rise.

'Sandik' Denizli Kilim in the foyer of the hotel - Pamukkale

2.      The idea of layering kilims, particularly when you have an odd-shaped room to fill.             We often have customers who have an awkward shaped space that they want to                      furnish.  The idea of layering various kilims over each other is the perfect solution.

From Vogue Living Jan/Feb '12


Plus! It means more kilims to re-arrange, play with, experiment with when you tire of the same look.  This was an article back in Sep/oct from Inside Out magazine and again, beautiful layering of kilims.  Some other looks…..

My idea of heaven on a lazy day!!!!

Of course this ‘trend’ has been popular among the Turks and Middle-Eastern countries for quite some time now, in Turkish ‘šarki’ corners are the perfect spot for chatting, drinking çai and ultimate relaxing.


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