Carpet of the Month – Jan ’12

Antique Kirsehir Carpet (#07)

This month’s ‘carpet of the month’ is close to my favourite carpet in the shop.  It is an antique Kiršehir rug, approximated at over 100 years old (hand spun wool with double Turkish knots).  It has aged beautifully, the softness of the hand spun wool, worn down to the warps in some small areas, with an overall feeling of suppleness and drape-ability.

'Double stepped Mihrab' with the most beautiful naturally dyed red.

Kiršehir (meaning ‘steppe city’ in Turkish) is located in Central Anatolia, Turkey.  I think one of the reasons I like this rug so much, besides the quality of the wool and the obvious skill of the weaver; are because it ticks all the ‘right’ boxes for what a classic Kiršehir rug would look like to me.

'Blossom' and 'Tulip calyx' (side view of tulip) motifs

Using natural dyes, the red around the central medallion and the light olive green/beige borders are a stand out.  The Turks describe this green as ‘duck head green’, as good a name as any I think!

'Boteh' (paisley) motif is an ancient decorative that was popular in the Sassanid Dynasty (200-650AD)

The geometric design features a doubled stepped mihrab in the centre , outside of which sits rows of dainty ‘boteh’ or ‘paisley’ motifs, ‘landscape’ motifs at each end, followed with gorgeous wide borders featuring ‘tulip calyx’s’ and blossoms.

I can admit that I feel absolute joy when I look at and touch this rug, it has that essence that can only come from a handmade object.  The slightly uneven sides, the variation within the colours and motifs make it all the more beautiful. 

Antique Kiršehir Carpet – #07 – 104*156cm Hand spun wool on wool



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