Book: Nomads in Anatolia – Harald Bohmer

I have been waiting for what seems like an eternity to get this book and it finally arrived yesterday! Yay! 316 pages full of insightful photographs, drawings and notes from what could possibly be the best record of Anatolian nomads.  Made all the more important due to the fact that this tradition is all but lost now.

Written by Harald Böhmer with Josephine Powell and Šerife Atlihan after many expeditions from the 1960’s through to the late 1980’s it is an unparalleled account of the Anatolian nomads.  The pictures are truly spectacular and the detail of all aspects of their lives is inspiring.

Originally I only found this on for $345.00 US but luckily came across another fantastic site and it is available in their bookshop for $152 US.  Bargain!

And on that note….i’m off to devour my new book!

Harald Bohmer Nomads in Anatolia – Their Life and Their Textiles – Encounters with a Vanishing Culture.  Published by REMHOB-Verlag 2008

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