Cornucopia – Josephine Powell

Cornucopia – Issue 47 2012

I just received the latest issue of ‘Cornucopia’ this week and pleasantly surprised to find ‘Queen of Nomads’ the late and great Josephine Powell on the cover.  Cornucopia – Turkey for connoisseurs combines history, arts and travel in the most beautiful layout with stunning photography.  It isn’t available in stores in Australia so you have to order it from here.

Women displaying their headdresses in Adiyaman, 1980


But back to Ms Powell, no one person or organisation did more to experience, learn and record the lives of the Anatolian nomads than she.

Village house interior in Malatya, 1970

“She was a sort of Canute, trying to halt the tide of modernity she saw eroding the nomad’s dignity”

A newly married women displaying her jewellery and hennaed hands in Suleymankoy 1985


Her life’s work is still fundamental to any study of the Anatolian nomadic life and their weaving culture.  Indeed it is nigh on impossible to read any book on Anatolian nomads without a reference to her.  All images are from a small selection of her photos from issue 47 of Cornucopia magazine.

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