Cornucopia, Anatolian mosques & a sense of guilt…

Cornucopia Issue 48 2012

Well, besides being thrilled with the latest Cornucopia magazine…I also felt incredibly guilty.  I lived in Turkey close to 5 years and there was such beauty right underneath my nose without me even coming close to realising it! I knew that there are always things you miss in such a historic and cultural country such as Turkey but seriously?

Hanonu Mosque

Akkoy Mosque – This one in particular shames me, less than a 5 minute drive from Pamukkale!!

Near my own village and the surrounding Anatolian plains sits some of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring village mosques; replacing the more familiar tile work is painstakingly crafted wood ceilings and hand painted floral works adorning the walls.  To be fair, the outside of the buildings show no hint of the delights that can be found inside.  Or perhaps it was my lack of wanting to visit any other mosque besides Haghia Sofia or the Blue Mosque at the time…

Akkoy Mosque – yep, feeling worse by the minute…

Bogazici Mosque from the outside.

My good friend Rosie (from Portakal tours) just recently wrote on her blog of wandering down a street in Istanbul that she thought she knew well to look up and see a stunning 16th Century Greek Orthodox church for the first time.  So I guess I shouldn’t feel too guilty, thanks Rosie!

Bogazici Mosque and its ceiling composed of small wood strips.

Kocakoy Mosque

I will defiantly be making a ‘village mosque’ tour next time I am fortunate enough to be in Turkey again.  Makes me wonder what other treasures I missed…..

All pictures are from Cornucopia Magazine Issue 48 (which I can not recommend highly enough!).  Here is a link to their website.

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2 Responses to Cornucopia, Anatolian mosques & a sense of guilt…

  1. portaka1 says:

    Wow how amazing does Akkoy Mosque look!? Well, I don’t know if you’re the same as me, but I know a lot more about cultural sites in Turkey than I do about those in Australia. Should that make us feel better or worse? Rosie xx

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