Carpet of the Month – March ’13

Dazkiri carpet #015
This month sees us take a closer look at a unique small antique carpet from Dazkiri in Western Anatolian. Dazkiri is the name of a town and also a district with about 11,000 people in the district. For such a small amount of people, the weaver’s reputation for creating quality handmade carpets packs quite a punch.

This handmade carpet is made entirely of hand spun wool and uses double Turkish knots for the pile. Check out how thin the weaver spun her wool warps.

Close up of warp ends
Something you can’t experience from the pictures is how soft this carpet is. It literally feels like silk. Over time hand spun wool becomes softer and softer as the harder outside shards of each knot wear away and leaves the wool luxuriantly soft. Something that is always lost when you use machine spun wool.
Some people put a lot of focus on natural versus synthetic dyes where as I have to say I’m not fussed too much. I think the colour harmonies of the natural dyes are unsurpassable for my taste but I have to say I especially love it when a weaver adds a touch of synthetic highlights. It makes the piece more interesting to me. She choose to use those colours, so what better way to show her creative personality.

Synthetic pink in the border flowers  pink colour line
This particular rug has seemingly used all natural dyes except for a very small part of what used to the fluoro pink. There is also a tiny line in the same colour in red field. Love it!
I can remember someone telling me once that handmade Anatolian carpets will always be different in each corner. And sure enough I haven’t found a Turkish rug yet that hasn’t complied with this rule. I took pictures of each corner so you can see what I mean. See how each is slightly different? And even that smaller meandering floral border inside of the wider border is the same, all slightly different.

corner 1  corner 2  corner 3 corner 4
This rug has quite a bold geometric design with a central lobed medallion and some quite abstract floral work as well. I love the central light blue motif with these long armed amulets protruding from it.

IMG_5735 IMG_5734
The colour combo of this rug is another element for me, this wonderful contrast in the black against the really earthy other tones.

This rug tends to divide people quite easily; they either love it or hate it. I am firmly in the love it side.

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