Antique Caucasian kilims

From the May issue of Australian House & Garden
After picking up this months issue of Australian House and Garden, there was a plethora of things for us to like; stunning silk Suzani sofa, kilim, ikat and suzani cushions….but what caught my eye particularly was this Antique Caucasian kilim. What a stunner!! More so, because the Caucasian weaving tradition hasn’t been producing kilims like this for over 50-60 years. I should point out there are some wonderful people trying now to revive this lost art in that region, but the antique variety have that indescribable presence that nothing can replicate.

A short piece from Peter Stone’s “Tribal and Village Rugs” regarding Caucasian kilims:
“There is an astounding variety of ethic groups and languages in the Caucasus. Over forty languages are spoken within the population. The Caucasus is an isthmus between Europe and Asia. Tides of conquest and migration swept through the Caucasus and the flow was stormy and turbulent. Over the long centuries ebb tides left a great many nationalities among the mountains.”

Caucas Map

The palette of the Caucasian kilims remind me very much the raw earthy colours. Very natural, very warm and inviting.

Caucasian colour palette

Designs are predominantly very geometric but the origins are virtually impossible to trace due to the constant migration of various people’s, and could best be described as a “fusion”. Known for being woven in the slit-weave technique and with fine, tight weaving these kilims are fetching some incredibly high prices these days.

Close up of Caucasian kilim weave

We are fortunate enough to have some great connections in Turkey and through them we are the only Australian stockists of genuinely antique Caucasian kilim patchworks. The fragments vary in age but are approximated between 60-90 years old. Because the weavers would generally use these kilims as wall hangings, they are in remarkable condition for their age. You can view some of our range here:


Patchwork using Cacuasian kilims

The care and attention to detail regarding how each piece was placed in a Caucasian mosaic is what I love about these patchworks. I think they really paid a beautiful tribute to the original weavers.

Antique Caucasian kilim patchwork runner

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