Top 5 picks: from the new shipment

We received our new shipment and I thought I might show you my top 5 picks out of the newly arrived kilims. Not saying that they are the best, just my highly subjective personal choices 

#1 Antique Cal kilim (E95)

Antique Cal Kilim E95

Antique Cal Kilim E95

The pictures I looked at beforehand did not do justice to this kilim. So it was a wonderful surprise to unfold this beauty and be so taken by it. I liked it so much that it went straight to wall for hanging in the shop. The main reason why I love this kilim so much is the fantastic design. These super wide interlocking and repeating borders just offer something different that is not commonly seen in Cal kilims of this size. Also the ‘abrash’ that is seen in the main field makes it clear that this was a kilim completed over many months and seasons. Beautiful warm terracotta tones blended wonderfully with a very dark chocolate brown and hints of light green and blue.

E95 (2)

#2 Antique Afyon kilim (E52)

Antique Afyon Kilim

Antique Afyon Kilim

I can remember seeing this kilim when it was first found and thinking it’s beautiful BUT it is going to take a lot of effort to restore it. Well it was more than worth the effort. Such a stunning piece. If you put colour swatches of all its colours next to each other, you would never think that it would work in such a harmonious way. I love the ‘random’ colour changes and the way the ‘finger’ border lines are not even, protruding all different lengths throughout the kilim.

E52 (4)
#3 Yoruk (Nomad) carpet (E91)

Nomad (Yoruk) Carpet E391

Nomad (Yoruk) Carpet E391

Love at first sight! Followed closely by stinging regret that I have no where big enough to accommodate this Magnificat rug! An ORIGNAL Nomads carpet without damage and still retaining its lush THICK wool pile. Perhaps I should explain my excitement. It is rare to find an original nomads carpet in such excellent condition. In fact, most found these days are in such a condition that the only reasonable option is to shave off their piles completely and re-dye them. The design is a simple all over lattice and floral work. But this simple design makes the naturally dyed blue and red (yep, that’s right NATURAL DYES) stand out beautifully. And something you can’t tell from the picture is just how thick and soft this pile is.

E39 (3)

#4 Elmali kilim (E6)

Elmali Kilim E6

Elmali Kilim E6

As soon as I saw this small piece I loved it but I couldn’t tell you why. Even now whilst writing this, I was trying to pinpoint it. What is it that draws me so much to this piece? Or anyone to any particular piece over the hundred other ones? I’m not sure if this is the reason but whilst staring at the picture trying to figure ‘it’ out I’ve noticed something else. This kilim perfectly shows the way in which Anatolian nomad weavers play with foreground / background reciprocity. You can isolate a single motif briefly but then as your eye goes to take in more of the kilim it becomes lost and your idea of what was in the foreground changes completely.

E6 (3)
#5 Sarigol kilim (E8) & West Anatolian kilim (E24)

Sarigol Kilim E8

Sarigol Kilim E8

West Anatolian Kilim E24

West Anatolian Kilim E24

So I couldn’t quite limit myself to 5 favourites. I love both of these kilims.
Both woven with 100% hand spun wool and natural dyes. Both woven in the cicim technique. Both featuring a similar design. The amount of work, detail and I think I can assume ‘love’ that went into creating these pieces is what makes them stand out to me. Just really sweet pieces that I think would make stunning wall hangings. The cicim technique involves the weaver first making a flat weave kilim and then, working from the BACK, she brocades the entire design over the top. Now take another look at that detailing and tell me that wasn’t done without a lot of patience and love…

E8 (3) E24 (3)

Do you have a favourite from the new arrivals?

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