The warm and generous spirit of Turkish people revealed again…

Such a long time in between posts which is odd considering what wonderful and exhausting times have been had…

We had an amazing trip back to Turkey. Which was fantastic to meet and spend time with all the people who help us put together such unique and lovely items in our shop.
We have some wonderful new items coming in our next 2 shipments. All of which I am excited to tell you all about when they arrive. But first I wanted to share one story that I think sums up well how extraordinarily blessed we are to work with the people that we do. And also gives an insight into the generous and caring nature of some Turkish people.

After a 5 year stint of me personally not being back in Turkey, my excitement was palpable. My list of people and places to see while not impossible, I can say it was extensive. Between meeting face to face the people I often chat to on Skype and looking forward to learning more and more from people far more experienced than me in the world of kilims and Anatolian arts; we can say that it would have been a jam packed trip.

And then, our second day in my father who had also joined us, became ill. So we graciously accepted a lift to the Istanbul emergency ward from a man who we had recently started doing business with. Istanbul traffic at the best of times is a nightmare but this man happily navigated us there, waited for hours with us, negotiated with hospital staff , and then wanted to shout US to dinner! This was just one person and how they helped us in one way. This experience was repeated again and again.

So all our plans were put on hold. To do list torn up. We still had a mountain of work to be done and it seemed impossible now that we could do it all. I think by the grace of God, we got it all done. Family members, work colleagues and even previous strangers helped us in so many ways to be able to simultaneously care for my father and manage to get 2 shipments out of Turkey and on their way to Australia.

Even today, no conversation with any of our suppliers and makers ends without questions regarding my father. “How is his health?” “ Is there anything I can do?” “We will see each other again in-sha-Allah!”

The love, warmth and respect shown by all of them, to a previous stranger was and still is overwhelming. And I think overall made me appreciate once again the generous and kind spirit of so many Turkish people.

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