Having lived in Turkey for 5 years and now owning and running a shop in Daylesford, Victoria with my Turkish husband, selling handmade Anatolian arts, now I find myself in love with all things Turkish.  I love the history, the arts, the culture, the people; and my aim is to learn and understand more, share knowledge and to have a greater appreciation of all things Turkish.


7 Responses to About

  1. Louanne Gordon says:

    I recently visited your shop whilst on holiday from nz and regret not purchasing one of your wonderful ottomans. Is it possible to view a catalogue online and subsequently purchase?

    • Hi Louanne, we hope you are well and thank you for visiting our shop. If you drop us an email at nomadicson@live.com.au, I can forward you pictures of what we have in stock, and look into postage costs for you. We are just in the process of adding our newly arrived items to the website available for purchase online.

  2. Gokce Cicek says:

    Very nice blog. Thanks for all the research.

    • Thank you for your kind words although I do not think I can take credit for it. It is a compilation of various readings, stories and experiences. Perhaps I should do a blog of what text books I have and links to where they can be purchased as well.

  3. KN says:

    I found your blog after I searched “how do you clean Kilim cushion covers” and what a wonderful surprise to find you. Not only was the article helpful and easy, but your blog is great. Have spent the morning admiring your photos. Wish you were in the USA. 🙂 Keep up the good blogging, Cheers.

  4. Ray Parsons says:

    Hi ,i love your website and blog.One of my internet customers told me about your store.
    I am doing the same thing as you here in NZ ,i only have a small store and website,selling only Turkish homewares for the past eight years.
    We have many Turkish friends all over Turkey and visit regularly.We love the country and the people and agree with everything you say. Look forward to following you. Cheers Ray

    • Oh Ray, my notifications were off and my apologies for the appearance of ignoring you. Wishing you the best success with your business. Turkish crafts are made to last and be used so I think that you will have every success in your path. Best wishes, Christie

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